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This session was first done in April 2020 during the Corona Virus outbreak

What is a Time Capsule?

A Time Capsule is a container storing a selection of objects chosen to represent a moment in time, buried or hidden to be discovered in the future.

Why now?

We are living in very special times. People in the future will want to know how we lived, what we did, and how we adjusted through this pandemic.

What do you need?

  • A container: think of something durable. A box, a jar, or a tin.
  • Some contents that represent what you are going through right now. A way to show people in the future how you were living today.


What could those object be?

  • photos from this time
  • cutouts from newspapers or magazines
  • a journal of your days
  • any artwork you created
  • family pictures
  • a list of your favourite things to do
  • things you had to learn
  • things that you miss
  • express how do you feel
  • your handprint
  • a letter to yourself
  • a letter from your parents


You can work on this project on your own or with your family. What would you like to leave for the future?

Also don’t forget to decorate it and to protect it from the passing of time. Would you wrap it in bubble wrap, cling film, maybe aluminium foil?

We are looking forward to see what you’ve made! If you would like to be featured in our website, send us a photo of your Time Capsule at

*Always ask a parent or guardian before sharing any photos by email.

Have fun!